Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tired but Happy

Today was hectic, up early to set up a scrapping stationery stall for our local church, man it till relieved at 10am.
Off to an Emmaus reunion at Serepta Church in Gillits, a lovely church & wow such powerful praise & worship. Woo hoo I love to sing (don't do it too well but tough !!!) & a bring & share lunch.
Off to my last meeting of the afternoon with the Mothwas & then home. Whew hectic but great to put my feet up & enjoy coffee with the family. Our eldest son is down from Joburg & I LOVE having my family altogether. I chatted with my brother & wife in the UK (Kent)last night & its so nice to catch up but it makes me miss them too.
Boys are now settled into watching the rugby, DD has gone to her house to read under her duvet as its a bit chilly in Durbs lately, which leaves me to get dinner "thought" about & get going, as all the family come to us if we are all together.


Jenny said...

Sounds very busy indeed. Nice to have them all back together for a bit

Lynette said...

You are always so very busy. Just stopping by to say hi-)