Thursday, May 5, 2011

Love or hate

Wow strong words but I am hurting & angry. I thought I would just vent for myself so maybe I can see or justify someone elses decisions.

  • A very close family member is off seeking himself ? what about the family he has left behind - I love him dearly but right now hate what he is doing to his wife and children.

  • Am I wrong in being upset ? does he have a right to just leave ? what about his children & wife - what about their feelings.

  • I know life sometimes gets to you( it sure does to me too) & I would like to run away too, sure I would like to have no responsibilities or put up with lifes messes & irritations. But isn't that where we just get stronger & it does get better.

  • Yes I know sometimes children drive you round the bend (mine are still doing that & I love them for it) and rules & boundaries get pushed, broken - even torn down. But you need to be there picking up the pieces & dusting yourself down.

  • Am I being one sided am I judging here - yes I quess I am but it still makes me mad.


Jenny said...

What can I say?

Andrea said...

How awful for a family member to find themselves in this is so hard to judge another's actions until we have walked in thier shoes. One thing I am sure of however is that you will be there with your lovely support for his wife and children until he finds his way home. Lots of love and thinking about you xxxx

Lynette said...

OH my wonderful it will be to have a life where we can go off and find ourselves (how did we get lost in the first place?) and have no responsibility. But it will not be in THIS life. Take care.