Monday, April 25, 2011

Fishy Tales

Vetchie's Beach with competition sponsors etc.

My lot!

Howard College after the Easter Service - the gardens are lovely.

Being Easter weekend means its the annual fishing competition in Durbs ! Which means our youngest son is up at 4am every morning as well as we are because Dad drops him & his jet ski off at the Durban Ski Boat Club before five to be launched with hundreds of other mad fishermen !!! Dad drops him off so he doesn't have to worry about parking his truck etc - still spoiling him at 25 !!!! He lives up the road from us & its easy for Dad to just jump in as he comes past - I don't think either of them would have it any other way but I would love to sleep in for once LOL.

So while we went off to a beautiful sunise Easter service at Howard College steps (UKZN uni) we came back to be his support. I really thought our days of seconding in competitions, bike races, marathons etc were over but I am constantly reminded its never over.

So we spent most of the afternoon at the beach with numerous others, I must admit it was cool but still there are children playing & swimming in the water & it was lovely to see so many boats & people enjoying the beach.

There were lots of new "toys" on show & I cannot get over how many men(including mine) can drool over, motors, boats, safety equipment, radios etc but they did & do.

Still it was great to see the enjoyment of all, we walked & chatted to a lot of boats beached on the shore all the same story - not many fish & a multitude of explanations ! LOL.


Andrea said...

Sounds like it was a lovely way to spend Easter, a service in the morning to remind you exactly what the meaning is all about and then family time in the afternoon to remind you how blessed you are. So glad it was a good one xxx

Jenny said...

Nice weekend indeed. Did he catch much?