Friday, April 8, 2011

Yay its Friday.

I am babysitting DD's favourite bears as she is in the process of unpacking boxes stored while she lived in the UK ( 2 years ago !!!!). She is going to take them to her house soon & the rest of it stacked now in the spare room.

Whew I am so glad its Friday, firstly my boys including DH have gone off to Harrismith to have a hunting weekend, I know the farm is wonderful but I decided to stay at home alone !

Just to catch my breath & have some peace & quiet, I love my boys dearly (including most of the friends too) but am just wanting some down time. Its already peaceful & quiet, my domestic is finishing off to also go home & start her weekend. DD visited to see if I wanted to go out with her tonight to a movie - no thanks.

Bubble bath, candles & a good book.

Eating when I feel like it & of course a clean tidy kitchen.

Chilling out & just doing what I want to do yayyyyy.

Hope everyone's weekend is great.


Andrea said...

Sounds like the PERFECT way to spend a weekend, we all need some "me" time once in a while xxx

Lynette said...

I also believe that the best medicine is quiet and alone time. Enjoy!


Jenny said...

What a wonderful evening! Maybe a bit of scrapping thrown in too?