Monday, April 18, 2011

What a week take 2

Ok deep breaths;

  • DH had an accident on Wednesday between Izilgolweni & Harding - remote rural area, he was very blessed & is at home alive , not so for his trusted LDV. Not a good phone call.

  • My sil's Dad passed away after a debilitating illness. Not a good phone call.

  • My best friend has become resistant to her chemo therapy & both tumours have increased in size. Not a good phone call.

  • On thursday my DH & DS were involved in a fender bender in son's LDV. Whew not good.

It was really a trying week but onward we go & I hope everyone has a fabulous Holy week leading up to Easter & a Christ filled break. We need it.


Andrea said...

Gosh Jenny, all my love and prayers are with you and yours!

Jenny said...

Not a nice week and neither were the two weeks before that. Hope all is sorted from their accidents now