Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday 10 April

Today we are all running around and doing our "weekend" chores of shopping, Mothwa meetings, getting dinner ready for tonight with our kiddies and I am on laundry duty. That means I hit the jackpot because I have the "A" team working this weekend, I was there early & the team were already working & laughing and told me to go home....... as I have a meeting DH will do the other checks & then by the time I get home everything is closed.
Tomorrow DH & I are leaving early for Joburg (about 5am) & then we will stay over at his normal hotel but using Sun rands which he accumulates during his normal stay overs & then we can use only on the weekends but its great because Southern Sun & Garden Court Holiday Inns are all over South Africa. The bonus is we see Mark & Maddie for the afternoon & thats wonderful.Its business on Monday morning & then on our way home to Durban.
These are such pleasant trips as we really travel well together (we always have) & we chat & listen to music & stop here & there and I look forward to "our" time as we call it. Then one or both of our Durban based children move into our house & enjoy all the mod cons they don't have like DSTV & aircon & the pool...... we are never short of volunteers & Kylie & Steven say they love catching up on all the movies,programs oh & of course my fridge & freezer are always full LOL.
I hope everyone has a blessed weekend.


Marcelle said...

Sound good - that A team you have there!!

Have a great weekend as well...its a chilly one this side today.

Jenny said...

Sounds lovely Jen; have a good time

Andrea said...

Enjoy your trip and special time together :0)