Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What a week so far

We got back to school after having two long weekends & short school weeks which is nice but very disruptive. Any how we had had two huge electrical storms over the weekend & the school phone system was out - our lines damaged by the storms & our server hit by some electrical surge - well no phones & no computers not fun at all.
We are back and running thanks to Telkoms really efficient service & our IT guys. The only thing is they have upgraded us to Vista & oh boy its taking a lot of getting used to. Why do they always want to upgrade us ????
On to better news we start interviewing on Friday for my position and we have 5 good interviews set up so Iam looking forward to that being done.
On Saturday my DH who was sick suggested I go shopping for my trip to New Zealand so I did, as crazy as this is we are hving beautiful weather but our stores are gearded up for winter.....but since it'll be really cold there I decided to take advantage of my hubbys card...it was fun and sad to say I am not a shopper but I did myself proud. New cords (3 different colours) 2 long sleeved shirts, a fleece & a pair of trainers.
Off to have a cup of coffee with hubby who is better but not great, needs lots of TLC.


Jenny said...

Great shopping for new clothes for a trip away

Helen Tilbury said...

Sorry to hear your dh is sick ;-( Men need a lot of TLC at these times...you did very well for "not a shopper", LOL, it's funny to see such warm clothes in the shops now when really this is like summer for a lot of other countries ;-D

Andrea said...

Glad to hear you are getting things sorted out at school....I am sure you are going to enjoy your new life.

Hope your dh feels better soon