Thursday, August 4, 2011

Photo post of Hillcrest Primary Fundraiser & Mozambique

The Saturday before we left for Mozambique, 3 of us went to the second HPS Fundraiser with Tracey Shimper & Vanessa Matthews - as always those two ladies are outstanding. We had great fun & to think that the school hall was transformed into such yumminess. Great time was had by all , looking forward to the next one.
Mandy from Crafts from the Heart is also having a spring scrapping day on 03 September.

I am always amazed by the fish that are carved are from wooden blocks & I always wonder at people who create such incredible things out of nothing.

Travelling back to SA on Tuesday was my birthday, it was different but nice, hubby & I just chilled out & enjoyed our day, exhausting though we left at 4am & got home by 6.30pm, a long time in the car. I also drove for quite a while so hubby could nap & it was the first time I had driven in Mozambique, so I was quite pleased with myself. We got home to a cooked dinner thanks to DD & YS. Always so nice to not have to cook and we caught up on all the news. I had a great day & received so many messages & wishes it was fabulous. We had dinner said goodnight, kids went home & we slept so peacefully in our own bed.

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Jenny said...

All sounds good but where are the photos??