Monday, August 1, 2011

Travelling to & from Mozambique

We left very early on Friday morning (4.30am) through Swaziland into Mozambique, through the hustle & bustle of Maputo into the calm of Tofo, Inhambane. Passing through Xai Xai, Bilene etc. I love the trip once we are out of Maputo & I enjoy the changing scenery, through the flats, over the mighty Limpopo river, through the marsh lands into the coastal areas full of cocoa nut trees & beautiful blue blue sea.
We came through heavy rain, and I wonder how the locals manage but they do, they really are inspiring - they are friendly, hospitable, very artistic with their local arts & crafts & so so practical.
We went to do business & hubby loves dealing with the locals.
Needless to say we dined on prawns & crayfish & local pau (bread). As we just had a short time we didn't get any fresh fish & I missed that. Our cottage is becoming like a second home at this stage but I think thats the travelling for this year over.
Tomorrow we leave for home at 4.00 am to be home by six - six thirty depending on the border posts.

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Jenny said...

A very quick trip and lovely description - now show us the photos! And a very happy birthday for 2nd August. Lots of love from us and "see" you on Skype