Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You know you are in Johannesburg when

  • the traffic is crazy & never stops.

  • your gps wants to take you a route that doesn't exist anymore because of continuous road works.

  • its freezing cold (especially for Durbanites).

  • your son says its close mom only an hour away !

  • you spend most of the time in the car gettin somewhere.

I kid you not its a crazy busy place & while I love visiting Joburg especially family its really daunting to me, and driving here - oh my gosh give me Durbs any day.

Hubby is on business & I get to meet up with family & friends, I enjoy the quaint coffee shops & fabulous shopping malls & the scrapping stores really put Durbs back in the dark ages LOL.

Home tomorrow via a friends farm in the bush somewhere & looking forward to my own space.


Lynette said...

You just mentioned ALL the reasons why I don't like JHB. Give me the quiet and peace of PE anyday.

Jenny said...

Hope it was great!