Saturday, February 14, 2009


Its rugby season in full swing here and while I enjoy watching the Natal Sharks & the Sprinboks, All Blacks, etc sometimes ......its a bit daunting to have my DH & our two sons with four of their friends yelling and shouting at the tv in the lounge. They all suddenly become expert coaches, refereees and know everything, they are passionate supporters win or lose.

Its the yelling at the top of their voices as if the players or ref can actually hear them that gets to me...... my neighbours thankfully are rugby supporters as well otherwise I think we would be in big trouble.

I am not complaining because this is my time to scrap or read or just chill out because they are so absorbed in the game, before after & during with the interviews and comments so Viva rugby season even with its noise !!

Thanks to Jenny for my award!

One nice thing about the man in my life: (gee only one...) My darling husband is my best friend and supports me in every way.

Now six ways in which I measure success in my life (thought provoking)

  1. My DH & I have been together 29 years and weathered all the storms big and small, so that means we must have learnt respect & tolerance.

  2. Our three off spring have grown up to be responsible young adults who are well adjusted and ready to jump into the river of life.

  3. A home of which we are justifably proud of which is always full of youngsters who have become adopted family & who chat to us as if we were friends. (sometimes too much information .....)

  4. The fact that I have a super position at work & good friends rather than colleagues.

  5. The fact that I have learnt to look at two sides of a story before coming to a conclusion ( very difficult for me sometimes.)

  6. The fact that my faith in God once lost in my life has been restored and sustains me everyday.

And now I pass this on to : Andrea, Linda,& Little Shop of Sketches & anyone else who really would like this award.

By the noise level we must have just scored a try so I am off to escape into my bedroom with my book.


Jenny said...

And I admire you for all you've done. Give Mark a hug from us

Helen Tilbury said...

I know what you mean about the TV & the noise level! Mine are all European soccer crazy to add into the mix...Sounds like you are one successful person in the true sense of the word. Funny how us Africans are less about the materialism of life & more about the relationships, etc. Have been doing a coupla hours blog hopping tonight & seen that so many people overseas leave out the things that REALLY matter ;-)

Andrea said...

Thanks for the award Jenny, I really appreciate it!