Sunday, February 8, 2009

A good relaxing weekend

Wow its Sunday already & we have had such a nice weekend. Quiet & chilled out.

Mark turned 25 on Saturday & we had a lovey lunch at Umhdloti with him & his girlfriend Maddie, the day was stunning & the view was quite something. I took a few pics which I will upload. It was the lazy kind of lunch that took three hours of just chatting & eating some delish food ( and I wonder why my clothes are tight !!!) Mark has so matured in these last few years its quite something to see him become such a super young man.

I actually had time to scrap yesterday & today, and will try to upload my l/os.

1. This was just finished off - a course I did with Desire Fourie at Makarnga Gardens in Nov last year - very busy for me but fun to be out your comfort zone.

2. Steven - he is such a water boy & I have been going to do some of him & so have started.

3. Alan & Adrian taken last year before Alan's 50th birthday & they are just so nice to see the brothers so chilled out. Adrian came out from New Zealand for it & I have lots of fantastic photos of them together which is very unusual.


Jenny said...

We did think of Mark on Saturday and it does look beautiful. Great l/os!! And the one of the big boys in the pool is great - I don't have those photos. Bought our Senz tickets today!!

Helen Tilbury said...

WTG with all those layouts in one weekend! You are going like a train...wanted to ask do I do my Blog roll like you so that the picture comes out underneath? Is it a new option at Blogger? Looks good!

Andrea said...

Oh how I miss those beautiful hot beach days with the gorgeous blue sooooooooo over winter here and looking forward to the return of the sun!

Looks like a great weekend, well done on all those layouts, I sometimes feel like I will never scrap again....sigh


Helen Tilbury said...

Thanks for all your comments this week! With regard to your last one on where I get my energy from I must tell you that I have been tired for the last 15 years, ever since I had kids! Sometimes I wake up & just wish I could go not get up at all but I have to getthe kids to school & after that I always think of a million other things to do! I don't have a full time job & also have a very understanding husband & hard-working full-time maid, so they make my life a lot easier. I am a hard-worker tho', lol! It was in-bred in me to have a very strong work ethic by my dad, who's Zimbabwean. All the Zimbos are like that. I have been amazed here at how lazy people are, of all races ;-)