Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thanks for comments

Thanks for all your comments I really needed that. Its so good to have some encouragement.

I have just discovered my three darlings have all got bets on how long I will stay at home ! !!! What a cheek so I am now more than ever determined to make this work.

On a more serious note our son Mark is off to climb Kilimanjaro early in September & while I am excited for him I am also anxious too. Its awfully hard letting your kids go ( LOL he is 25 !!) but its still not that easy. He's climbing with four very good friends & they are making the trip in memory of James Dwyer who was killed in action on 27 December 2006 in Afghanistan, I am glad for them all just will be happy when they are all back home.


Jenny said...

Lol Jen at them having bets on you staying home! I'm sure that Mark will be fine and they'll enjoy themselves very much

Andrea said...

I am sure it will be wonderful for him...I have always dreamed of climbing Killi (my dad almost summited many years ago) and am seriously considering it for my 40th.

Breath mommy Breath :o)

Helen Tilbury said...

Glad you are feeling better Jenny. It is just an adjustment & you'll make it...just to prove the kids wrong LOL! Surely you must have tons of scrapping to keep you busy?! And when do we get to see the photos of all your stash shopping? ;-D