Sunday, August 16, 2009

Positive thinking

I have been a bit unsettled of late, probably because I am used to being busy busy & with people all day long. Please note I am not unhappy just out of sorts.

So I decide to take the advice of Bernie about positive thinking on her blog a while back.
  1. I have faith & am loved by God.

  2. I have a warm loving home with two out three children still home.

  3. I have a fantastic husband & even after 29 years are just so together - he is my best friend.

  4. I work from home & am enjoying it. I have freedom & am enjoying it.

  5. I enjoy my bed at the end of the day & I so enjoy long hot showers.

  6. I have good friends who share.

So here is to a fantastic new week to everyone.

On a really positive note Kylie & I went to Giselle the ballet & it was stunning, the dancing, music & just everything. Kylie decided we had to dress for the occasion & I am so glad we did as for once the Durbanites out did themselves.


Jaky Astik said...

Hey! Nice blog! Following you!

Jenny said...

That's what I tell myself too when I'm feeling down - find one good thing out if every day and focus on that

Andrea said...

The ballet sounds lovely, it is fun to go all out sometimes and dress up for an occassion.

Hang in there, change is always a little bit uncomfortable, but your attitude is perfect and before long you will be back and settled in a new comfort zone.


p.s. LOVE Jenny's advice above!

Helen Tilbury said...

No. 7 You are also one of the fedw South Africans that have discovered the joys of Blogging! I don't know how I survived without the inspiration I get from visiting all my favourite Bloggers every week. It's always weird adjusting to new things in life. I remember when I stopped my business to concentrate on my kids (when number 3 came along) worked full-time 'til then, and I really HATED took some adjusting but in the end I just loved having a few years to devote to my little ones before diving into new ventures as you are doing, count your blessings & the good feelings will come ;-D

Gill said...

A lovely positive post! I haven't been to the ballet for ages, glad you enjoyed it.

Bernadine said...

Hi Jenny. Please email me your email address at If you feel comfortable doing that. I want to forward on a beautiful email I got the other day to you that I am sure will encourage. I have started typing it up for my blog but just can't get to finish it.

Been happy and postive is not easy - it is something you work at every day as it is so easy to get bogged down by the negatives around you but it really does make you a happier person.

Take care. :)