Friday, August 14, 2009

Great day by all

This was my last day at school 26 June 2009 with my daughter Kylie & youngest son Steven.

Well I can say I had a fabulous morning. Going to school sports as the guest of honour sounds "grand" it was just so much fun !! Nothing grand just really being part of the supporters, chatting to all & sundry & fun fun fun. Knowing all the children getting trophies was great & it was good old fashioned sportsmanship all round.

Afterwards it was a quick change into jeans & sneakers to play bowls with the local schools... oh my we had 3 teams entered but our team lost both our rounds, we did not quite grasp this sport !! but again it was fun & laughter all round. Being with all my friends & ex colleagues was great. The best part was I won a frozen chicken .... so we know what we are having for lunch tomorow.


Andrea said...

sounds absolutely stunning...nothing like quality time with friends and family.


Jenny said...

I'm glad you had fun playing bowls!