Saturday, October 3, 2009

Flamingos & Kilimanjaro

Mark at the summit

A sea of pink flamingos- wish I had a better zoom.

My week has been hectic but really great.
My DH & I went on a whirlwind business trip,leaving on Wednesday4am to Kimberly & Joburg & back to Durbs in 3 days - believe me its a lot of hours in the car. We did however see the most amazing sight just outside Kimberly, hundreds of flamingos. They were so pink & unfortunately they were glinting n the sun too, so we stopped on the side of the road & took some pics not the best but it was just great to see them.
In Joburg we spent a very short time with Mark our son & I got some pics from his Kilimanjaro trip & got to see his offices & meet his boss etc - it was great to put faces to names & meet these really pleasant people. It really has put my mind at rest & I feel much better about him seeing him settle into his new cottage & work. Children do grow up - moms just never stop being moms !!
We got back to Durbs at 6.30pm & by the time everything was unpacked, caught up with all the kids news we were bushed. It was up early for tea duty at the fete this morning, a great team & fun. We survived. Needless to say we had a very much needed "nanna nap" as my kids call it and this evening we have just blobbed on the couch watching rugby & an old James Bond movie.


Jenny said...

Those flamingos look wonderful. Mark looks so proud of himself there and so he should. Glad to hear that he's settling down well

Helen Tilbury said...

Amazing photos! I also watched an old James Bond movie the other night...they seem so old-fashioned these days don't they?!

Lynette said...

You must be so proud of Mark!

I also wish you had a better zoom...that must have been an amazing sight.

Andrea said...

What an incredible sight...something you just don't imagine to see outside of a game reserve any more.