Thursday, October 8, 2009

This week so far

  • My DH & DS are away on a business buying trip.
  • My DD & I are left doing, deliveries,sales & everything in between.
  • We have coped really well & enjoyed working as a team.
  • We have been able to scrap/craft every evening without cleaning up the dining room table. ( we eat at the table every night normally)
  • We have been sorting out our scrap stash & giving a whole lot to our church craft day - yay its made a bit of space.
  • Our microwave died - we need to get a new one.
  • Our water has been off as the corporation are fixing "something" in our road- its amazing how much water means to us.
  • I am learning to let God lead my life & I am trying not to control everything.
  • Its been a great week so far.


Helen Tilbury said...

So happy to hear that you are having such a great week. Nice to work then enjoy some crafty time after - and I wish I could not clean up! My desk is in my room (our room...) so I feel bad if it's too tippy. DH doesn't complain but I try to tidy up after each session ;-D

Lynette said...

Wonderful to have a daughter that does crafts with are blessed.

Jenny said...

I wish I was with you