Friday, October 16, 2009

Computer blues

Ok don't say it or think it or anything....... my main business pc crashed- dead - zip - gone! No back ups were done for the last 8 months.. I spent the last Sunday running back ups for both other pc's !!!! Durban had a huge storm on Monday late afternoon & in my responsibility I decided to close down & unplug them. A small quiet voice said "do a back up " but in my haste I ignored it. Well my pc just couldn't start on Tuesday morning much to my disgust but I didn't panic as I have fantastic "IT" guys - well they couldn't help my data, my harddrive is now in ICU & they are trying to get something off it.
Guess who is doing the last 8 months over again, I am busy, over the self recriminations (really did nothing to help me.)have heard it all from my family, friends, clients - everybody.
The positive is I have a super fast new upgraded pc with all the bells & whistles. I have upgraded mu Pastel to a super new edition (mine was ancient but worked) & so I am busy busy.


Lynette said...

You did not have back ups? (Question comes from this gall who does not do backups either) So guess what I am going to do right now?

Andrea said...

eish....HATE it when that happens...good luck recapturing :0(

Jenny said...

Just buy an external hard prive and set your PC to update every day at a particular time. Glad you've got a nice new one

Gill said...

Oh you poor thing! Dreadful when that happens - I speak from experience, we had a computer die on us with 3 years worth of photos on it (sob, sob) I learnt a BIG lesson that time. And tomorrow I will be doing some back-ups on my work PC!