Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So close

Ok the books are up to date, the hard slog has paid off.
All returns done & submitted to SARS.

Hair is cut. Pedicure tomorrow.
Pack on Thursday night & off to Mauritius on saturday.(Leave Durban at 06.30am ouch.)

We are off for 9 days to Mauritius to relax ( LOL need it after these 2 weeks) & visit with my best friend Debbie who has terminal cancer. She is nearly finished her 3rd lot of treatment & is taking a lot of strain. She is also very excited that we are coming and her family are over the moon. The boys have already organised fishing etc so Debbie & I will be staying & catching up on all the goings on.

Our family will be running the businesses here in SA while we are away & I am not sure how DH is going to cope not being in control - he needs a break but letting go ouch thats very hard for him.


Lynette said...

O wow...that is magic. Enjoy your time with you friend. Chill after your hard work with the books:)

Jenny said...

Oh it's so soon - I'm going to miss you. Send our regards to Debbie and I hope that you both have a wonderful time

Gill said...

Have a fantastic time, you deserve it after the whole computer thing!

Andrea said...

Have a lovely lovely trip and enjoy the precious time with your friend xxx