Tuesday, November 3, 2009


God created the earth & its awesome. He created so many paradise spots - Mauritius is definately one of them.
I am sitting on my balcony hearing the lapping of waves, watching the boats bob about and its fantastic.

Debbie & I have just chilled out, we have walked on the beach, slept on the grass in the shade (its hot hot hot) and swam in the crystal clear water. There is no better gift than time with a loved one and I have been given this. Her family are overjoyed that we have come to spend time with them.

Tomorrow we are going to spend the day on a catamaran, swimming with the dolphins, island hopping and snorkelling on the reef.

God has give me this incredible blessing & I am so enjoying it to the full. Debbie & I have made a pact that if she is alive & well in 2011 - we are taking our spouses away to the rugby world cup in New Zealand so here's praying that will come to pass i could not bear to think of her not here.

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