Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Back home

Loved being with special friends in a magical place but its so nice to sleep in your own bed & wake up refreshed & ready to go. Well maybe not as refreshed as we would have liked as our darling kids had us up & filling them in on everything, plus they still can't wait for presents till morning!!

We really do not appreciate our health till its threatened & I for one really need to learn to appreciate everyday as a gift from God - while I thought I did before I really do now.

Debbie is courageous and practical & is doing the best for her and her family, it takes amazing physical and mental strength to fight the chemo & radiation effects on your body. We talked, cried and laughed everyday but she never once moaned or whinged or anything and I really admire her as well as love her dearly.
Her two sons are coping well, her husband is not he is angry,sad and petrified - how do you help him, he had good man to man talks with Alan & really was more upset than all of us when we left. Our prayers go out for them everyday sometimes I want to rant & rave about it being unfair but then I remember Debs saying "why not me ........"

Love your family & friends everyday, tell them, show them and just immerse yourselves in that love because we do not know what or if there is a tomorrow.


Lynette said...

I everyday as if it could be your last...never keep back on love you can give today.

Jenny said...

Hugs to all of them and you too