Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thursday 19 November

Random thoughts on this day ;
  • Kylie our eldest turns 28 tomorrow.
  • Both Kylie & Steven are moving into a rented house on the 28/29 November,both Alan & I are very excited we will have our house to ourselves.
  • Scared too - it'll just be the two of us.
  • We are off on a business road trip on Saturday and get back the following Saturday.
  • I have been at school this week changing admin computer sysytems and just loved it.
  • Alan was not so enthusiastic about me being at school.
  • Our children are claiming all kinds of things out of my kitchen - oh I was given this mug 10 years ago by so & so !
  • We are having our house painted on the outside & due to rain every other day its still not finished a month later. Frustrating for both the painters & us.
  • Steven is sanding down his grandfathers cupboard to take with him & its bittersweet for Alan who is very pleased but finding it hard to let go.
  • Its raining again..........


Lynette said...

It is delightful to know that all children are the same. When my sons moved out in 2004 I suddenly had a lot of empty space...they simply took the furniture that they needed:)

Andrea said...

I have been out of the loop for a bit but it sounds like you have had an awesome time with friends in Mauritius and that there are lots of changes going on at home.....always remember change is good for us even if it is a bit scary, it is what keeps us alive and the blood pumping!

Jenny said...

I can't believe that she's 28! Enjoy your space and your trip

Helen Tilbury said...

Phew this rain is hard for us all to take! LOL re: nicking all your kitchen stuff...Now that I have 2 teenagers I am absolutely dreading the thought of being alone, even though it won't be for some time yet, but perhaps one day I'll look forward to it...just so used to living with the gang...