Monday, November 30, 2009


Well our babies finalised their move yesterday. They left behind dust & a few odd rubbish things lying in their rooms - it looks very forlorn !!!
Mavis my wonderful maid is busy cleaning up two empty rooms & she is horrified they have gone - in her culture its not done.
So we do have plans, the granny flat where Steven lived is to be a new store place for all Alans exotic coloured leather stock & all our camping gear etc - yay some space.
Kylies room will be our spare room, all we have to do is paint it out, get a new double bed ( hers went with her!!) & a new table or dresser. The build in cupboard will house our extra linen, pillows etc making room for me to put craft & scrapping stash into the linen cupboard in our room.
Mark's room is still full of stuff that he will be moving up to Joburg after Christmas & that will be a craft room for me - really can't wait.
Awful but great !!!!!!


Lynette said...

My two boys moved out together in 2004 when they bought a house. They also moved with a lot of my furniture. Today the one room is my study/scrap room and the other is the spare room. I will cry if one of them wanted to move back:)

Jenny said...

It is awful, but they're not far away. Enjoy the space