Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rain rain rain

Ok I know we need the rain but lets say just abit of sunshine inbetween would be great. Its a bit like our world is damp & grey in Durban at the moment.

Dh & I have to set the table for 2 ! Its very weird but exciting too. Cooking is very easy & thats a plus.

There is an uncanny quiet every evening now.

We are cleaning out our old wall unit in the lounge as its a bit damaged but we have salvaged a lovely scrap cupboard for me too & will move it tomorrow & pack into it. Really pleased.

I have wrapped some of our Christmas gifts so am pleased with that. Trying to be more organised this year.

We were invited to the childrens "house" tonight & Kylie cooked us dinner - very nice & we were pleasantly surprised at how they have settled so quickly. Its a super feeling to see them so independent & capable (which you know really but have to see it in action.)

Off to have my hair cut tomorrow - really looking forward to that. Then off to make table gifts for school Christmas lunch on the 11th of Dec - 34 or so of them. So now I am off to bed.


Jenny said...

Funny - at the shops yesterday I was thinking how nice it would be to only have to cook for two! Some yummy pre-prepared meals in the freezer would be great too. Enjoy sorting out your new scrap cupboard

Anonymous said...

cool blog!

Lynette said...

You will enjoy moving on in this next phase of your life.

Andrea said...

Sounds like you have been very busy and productive and that is such a lovely thing to be at this time of the year....must be honest I am a bit scared about the thought of my children moving out one day, but maybe by the time it happens I will be used to the idea :0)