Friday, December 18, 2009

Holidays at last

Steven's pride & joy " Nkunzi ".
Holidays are here. My DH officially closed today, all staff are off & yay we can relax. Well as much as you can when you run your own business, as DH still gets calls & makes sales but its so relaxed & we just chill. Laundries are running smoothly so heres hoping for late mornings & quite lazy days walking on the beach & in the pool.

As i catch up on all my last minute Christmas cards etc & overseas parcels ( yip they will be late again ... sorry its just me.) DH is doing his last wrapping up of gifts & watching James Bond at the same time. This is good normally he does it on Christmas eve.

Mark & Steven are off fishing tomorrow( if the rain & wind hold off) & that means we are likely to have some very nice fresh dorado or shad. Steven's boat is called Inkunzi - which means young bull & I really think he loves that boat more than anything else !!! Its so nice to see our boys off together & enjoying the outdoor life we have.
I am off to bed & the thought of sleeping in tomorow is just blissful. Good night.

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Jenny said...

What a great boat, Jen! I hope you get lots of yummy fish to eat