Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday blues

Why do some days just get worse & not better. Today was sunny for Durban absolutely wonderful but my day just collapsed in a series of silly & minor problems but they just seemed insurmountable at times, my pc went on the blink (business one that generates invoices etc) so it was manual invoices & moans from everyone. The printer then went on the fritz - so no bank statements downloaded etc, then the new bed for our guest room which was going to arrive at 9am didn't till much later holding all kinds of things up.My DH left for Ladysmith at 4am this morning & it was a beautiful morning it just did not live up to its promise after realising that I was making everything seem like a huge catastrophe I decided to just pray for patience & serenity. My pc was fixed & the printer, the bed arrived & looks great in the room & my DH came home early than expected. I am a person who likes my plans to fall into place & am very impatient ...... I need to learn to not sweat the small stuff & pray for patience. Needless to say we all are up to date and ready to go .

For the last three days its been all hands on deck at our family laundries, the rain has kept us extra busy & boy had I forgotten what it was like to fold & pack laundry.....especially for six straight hours. Our laundry ladies are great & have no problem telling me its not folded right, we had lots of fun & very sore feet by Sunday afternoon. We all help when its like this especially the closer we get to Christmas, we get very busy & its quite nice to see brothers & sister, mom & dad all doing their bit & we do enjoy it, as I say our ladies enjoy us being there and on Saturday we were singing & working & giggling. We have a tradition of doing our bonus & gift day on the 15 December as the 16 is a public holiday & one of our older ladies asked me if I would bring my camera & take some photos of the staff with the family. Its a great afternoon we all finish the work early have a Christmas tea & give out gifts & of course the more important bonuses but every year we try & think up new ideas to wrap the gifts in, last year it was material bags from Kruger National Park which they loved. This year I have hit a blank !!! help its next week Tuesday, the gifts themselves are wrapped but what to put them into.....


Lynette said...

You are really having a lot of problems...hope they are sorted:)

I believe more rain is on the way. I am sitting listening to the rain outside and am so thankful...we have had severe water restrictions here in the past two months.

Jenny said...

We have one good day and then one not so great. I've also been trying to think what you could wrap the presents in .... tableclothes? Towels? Dress fabric?

Andrea said...

Your family sound like wonderful people to work for and I am sure your staff are very grateful for sensitive and generous employers - not everyone it that lucky so well done for making such an effort!