Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday 13 December

  • Our Christmas tree is up & looks good - we always have a live tree its family tradition so had to wait for Mark to come home for the weekend to pick it out.
  • We always get it from the Round Table Charity sales so as to help them help someone not as fortunate as us. Always takes us awhile to choose the "right one."
  • Mark is at the airport & waiting for his flight back to the big city & our house is very quiet once more. Kylie & Steven back at their place & its just Alan & I. Must admit its nice but we do miss the kids.
  • Alan & Steven should finish off their leather sales on Friday but the laundries work right through except for three days over Christmas & a couple of days over New Year.
  • This year our charity choice will be a the Stella Road Presbyterian Preschool - we try & choose a worthy cause & make a committment to the chosen for three months of the next year. This little preschool feeds & schools only poor children - who very often don't have any other food except the breakfast, snack and lunch at the church school. The mothers (mostly domestic workers) give their time by keeping the school clean, cooking at the school etc & its a most incredibly happy clean place with a retired head mistress giving her time in running the school & helping the teachers etc. There are 78 children & we are very impressed.
  • Alan & I are off to church at six and looking forward to that, I love the festive feel right now & the fellowship.
  • I had school lunch on Friday, enjoyed the company very much was a bit unsettled after I came home & I think I must not attend so many school functions next year. I was snippy & horrible at home afterwards & not sure why.
  • Alan & I did a big grocery shop to tide us over this crazy period as I do not like shopping with hordes of people & especially at this time.


Jenny said...

What a great sounding pre-school! And that's such a lovely thing to support them. Our lights are up and the tree is too

Lynette said...

Enjoy the charity event...we have a round table event at the mission as well.