Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas is Coming.

Festive feelings are definitely growing in me ! I am usually singing carols & decorating everything, baking etc by mid October.
Well this year it just hasn't happened, not really sure why except maybe its been too many changes & not my normal routine. Still sitting on my bed wrapping gifts last night I was getting into the festive mood, maybe its the case of our tree is up & DH & I sit in the lounge with just the tree lights on mmmm.
Today is a public holiday here, so I am off to get my last 2 gifts & then I can relax & start planning Christmas lunch. This year we will go to Christmas eve church service & we are having a houseful on Christmas day. Its tricky because my SIL is orthodox Jewish but this is her second year of spending the holidays with us, so it takes careful planning & we manage well. She stays with her son in a B & B around the corner from us (a Kosher one) & we have 2 fridges so seperate things & we get pretty paper plates etc. Yes we do do a gammon on the weber outside & it doesn't get carved inside & my SIL helps in everyway. My nephew David eats everything & so its fine. To me having them with us is worth it.
Our one business closes on Friday & that will be a relief, as I can close the office too. The laundries are busy but we all pitch in if needed & they run well under Kylie's management so we all get time off now.

Wishing you all a wonderful, happy & healthy, love filled Christmas. May you be blessed with peace and God's love.


Lynette said...

Have a blessed festive season.

Jenny said...

I'm not in the Christmas mood yet - but I hopefully will get into it over the weekend.