Monday, July 6, 2009

New Zealand so far

Antony,Darren,Hayden, Deena & Chloe in Keri Keri
Keegan giving me a "watch me ".
Andy, Kyle, Kylie & Keegan having a relaxing paddle.

We landed in Auckland at 9.55pm on Wednesday evening, flew through customs, got our hired car sorted & were met by my gorgeous neice Ashley & Andy. A friendly south african had popped in to baby sit as of course the two boys were fast asleep. We chatted till the wee hours of the morning & of course were woken up by two very excited boys in the morning at some very early hour. So we had to take Keegan to kindy(3 year old) & Kyle to year 1 (5 years old 6 on the 07 July). Off we went to do sim cards etc so we were back in communication with SA - phoning them at midnight to say hi !!!! oops forgot the 10 hours ahead bit!!!!
We have been to the Skytower, Kelly Tarltons,mueums & kayaking on the Waitakere river mouth & I am not sure who had the most fun - us or the boys. Ashley & I even dressed up as penquins at Kelly Tarltons !!!! We were introduced to the most delish cheese cake shop & NZ scrapbooking shop - oh wow its a wonderful shop & we were extreemly restrained & looked only as SENZ is the main event.
After 4 days it was off on my own (after little Kyle saying please don't go - very heart breaking but I will be back there in 2 weeks) driving down to Keri Keri to see my nephew & family. I was given explicit directions from Auckland but managed to take the scenic route(got lost) but still get onto the main motorway. Well to us in SA - its not so much a freeway like we know but a one lane road with passing on hills. Its wonderful driving down to keri Keri there are so many little stops on the way & such exquisite scenery. I met up with Deena ( my nephews wife) in Kawa Kawa as she had been on call & had to work - very well timed. I followed her the last 20 kms to their house. Oh my I have so missed my nephew Antony,Deena, Hayden, Chloe & Darren - again we talked till wee hours in the morning & skyped home & chatted to DH.
Keri Keri is a "tiny touristy coastal" town but its surrounding bays & beaches are beautiful - Antony has tried to show me everything in 12 hours - I am exhausted. Kylie (DD) is off on her tour of the South Island & glaciers etc.
Off to bed as the children & I are off to Russell tomorrow


Jenny said...

And it's my turn on Thursday!!! So glad you're having fun

Helen Tilbury said...

Go you! Blogging on holiday...was not expecting that! You are having a whirlwind time I can tell - exhaustinG & exhilarating at the same time...what is it with NZ that all the names have to be repeated twice??!!

Andrea said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful wonderful time....enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!!