Friday, July 31, 2009

YAy yippee our NZ luggage arrives

Yippee tonight just before 6pm our 2 suitcases (sent unaccompanied 54 kgs of clothes, Senz l/os & samples,gifts from my SIL & cuttlebug & lots of 12 x 12 papers and and and )arrived. You can imagine our excitement & pleasure.
Kylie & I thought it was Christmas & needless to say the cuttlebug has been tested thoroughly - by ALL the family ! Boys with toys - what can I say.
It also meant 2 loads of washing & another 2 to go but tomorrow is another day.
I was only home 3 days when my DH had to go to Kimberly on business & he decided I was coming with, off we went & I loved it. Since I had never been to kimberly I did the tourist thing ( quite strange in your own country !!!) and toured the Big Hole,old town, memorials & Macgreggor museum. There are one or two things I didn't see but was pleasantly surprised. We travelled back leisurely & enjoyed our midweek break.
Today I visited school, it was glorious & fun & of course I overstayed my estimated time but came home happy & at peace.
My home office is taking shape, its tidy & I am up to date with the core business books but still have both laundries to get up to speed - not too bad ! Even my DH is impressed (long may it last.) There is method in my madness I want to scrap in the week and can only do that if I am up to date............


Jenny said...

So glad that your luggage finally arrived. Was alan impressed with what you did?

Helen Tilbury said...

Ooh didn't realise you had MORE luggage coming - would be interested to know what UB costs? A fortune I suspect?! Must have been great fun & LOL about the boys & the cuttlebug - I can just imagine it! ;-D

Jenny said...

I wish I knew the password to this blog because I'd hijack it to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Sunday 2nd August! I hope that you have a wonderful day

Gill said...

It must have been such fun unpacking that luggage! Enjoy playing with all those delicious papers :-)