Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sat 25 September 2010

Its amazing that Sept is nearly over, for me anyway.

DH is on an Emmaus Walk with our church, he left on Thursday afternoon, minus his trusty mobile phone & watch (both of which I am in charge of) not sure how he is going to cope without either. Just hope he is enjoying it.

Friday was a public holiday & I scrapped all day with friends, while their hubbies went to cricket, it was a win win all round. We had such fun & I am reminded how social scrapping is for me anyway.

I was on duty for the laundries this weekend & had the A team working - its just such a pleasure & things went smoothly. I also manged to bake biscuits (lots & lots) for our church Kairos mission. DS & friend came to visit just at the right time (i swear he smells the baking !!) and they had to test , you can imagine I am a couple of dozen short !!!

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Jenny said...

He'll be suffreing withdrawal symptons when he gets back! Hope he has fun. So, show us your scrapping you did? You're good baking all those biscuits; if I did that they'd be gone in an hour