Monday, February 1, 2010

Should you worry over people who really don't care !!

I really needed to think this through before I blogged about this but its still bugging me & so here goes.
I learnt to scrap(about 6 years ago) & enjoyed many hours at a prominent scrapbooking shop in the northern suburbs of Dbn & like the majority of us spend more than I should but really loved it, the people, atmosphere, friendliness etc. Even my DH has been known to visit a certain someone on birthdays & Christmas time & has always commented on the friendliness.
This has changed really drastically & in the last three (yes 3 ! I am a slow learner) I have been stung by the unfriendly don't care attitude & thought maybe it was me ! Well on Saturday off I went because I needed a special thing for a RAK swop & knew I could get it there albeit at a higher price but I just thought of all the positive things - well I came out of the shop with my purchases a bit disgruntled but still thinking it was me & I was met in the parking lot by such hostility ( over a parking space LOL which I was vacating !!) and decided thats it!!! I came home my DH & DD took one look at my face & said whats happened - thinking it was something terrible - I told them the whole sorry story & both of them said they had noticed too.
Well I cried not sure why except I feel quite a loss !
On saying that there are many scrapbooking shops in Durban & I support them especially my local as I call it & please I am not in anyway labelling all the Durban & surrounds shops in a similar manner.
On a positive note my rak has been posted in good time & I am looking forward to this week as we prepare to go on a mixed business/ pleasure trip to Mozambique next week.


Jenny said...

You know, my "local" is like that too - unfriendly, un-helpful and not much stock (hmmm ... I wonder why?). Well, I haven't been there for over four years and I don't miss them. They may not miss me either but at least I know where I'm spending my money they're pleased to have it!.

The car incident was just the final straw for you - hugs enjoy your time away

Lynette said...

Maybe they need some competition...I have found "bitchiness" at one of our local shops as well. It is as if you owe them something...that is why I do most of my stash buying online.

Bernadine said...

Don't even worry about people like that - they are not worth it. Rather take you business else where and focus on those people who uplift and build you up.

I have also been through a smiliar situation and I even had to deal with jealousy - which I really struggled with as I am not a jealous person at all. It was just a little hard to break ties as it is the only decent shop in EL.

linda said...

Your sister-in-law sent me over couple of years ago and I have been reading your blog since.
I agree with you about LSS, I had one that I supporte dsince their oors opened and lately they have changed and became so expensive, I don't go there any longer.
I am hoping to visit Pietermaritzburg this year. I you want me to bring you an order from Australia let me know. I will have space in my bags

Jenny in Durbs said...

Wow Linda thank you so much.

Andrea said...

Hi Jenny, I think I know EXACTLY which shop you are refering too and if I am right, I know EXACTLY what you mean and it isn't just names mentioned but I am sure we are thinking of the same place :0(

So sad when such a beautiful hobby becomes about nastiness.


Helen Tilbury said...

When I first arrived here I frequented {like scrapped there EVERY DAY when I had no scrap room} for a whole YEAR then was treated really shockingly & just packed up & left, never to return. It took me WEEKS to recover & since then I vowed not to become dependent on any particular shop here. I have a few "locals" - one is very nice but disorganised & unreliable, the other is so unfriendly I am still NEVER greeted YEARS later {6 actually as I used to visit it often when on holiday as it's so close to Gateway hint hint...} & the other sends me sms's of it's huge overseas shipments, gets my blood pressure up & then I discover they have a shoebox full of Taiwanese stickers that make no sense! The only solution - scrap at home. Fortunately I have a good friend I have kept up with who joins me every week {now that she has also left the shop that treated her like dirt too...}