Thursday, February 18, 2010


Our little cottage on top of the hill.

A windy day & fire in the bush on the other side.

One of our views & where we swim.

We're back & its great but busy & I guess thats normal life.

Heres a few pics of paradise where we just chill out & enjoy.Thats one of the perks of not having to worry about school holidays.


Helen Tilbury said...

Welcome back! It looks idyllic...Is it safe though? Lots of Zim people have holiday homes there & just before we moved here one of the school mums was gang raped on one of the beaches there...certainly put me off the idea of investigating further!

Jenny said...

Looks perfect and not being tied to school holidays is even better

Lynette said...

Oh my that looks like bush and beach paradise.

Sonya said...

Paradise indeed, that looks like one awesome place to be :-)

Megan said...

Looks beautiful!! Oh how to be beside the sea right now with a book! Enjoy!