Friday, February 5, 2010

friday at last & all packed to go.

Side view & Alan's old faithfull packed & ready to go.
A side/ front view without the garden area which is a mess.

I made it through the week(with lots of prayers & faith) & am so glad to say yay its finally Friday...... Am posting some pics of our newly painted house not a full front because we are redoing the tiny front garden as a combined anniversary plus DH's birthday pressie at the end of this month. Its long overdue & looks like a demolition site but the landscaper has assured us when we get back it'll be done !!!

So we will be away for a week or ten days & our youngest son runs the business ( I think he loves it when we are away) & we are leaving at about 4.30am and will overnight in Maputo and then be at Tofo (Inhambane) by lunch time on Sunday. Just a bit of paradise in Africa - its incredibly beautiful, the people so wonderful (dirt poor) and motivated. They use everything & create with nothing I am always humbled when I see how happy they are with so little.

On Sunday Mark turns 26 years old & I have sent off a care package because he's in Joburg. His siblings here in Durban thought that was crazy - he'll be home for the weekend end of Feb but still I am a "mom".

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Lynette said...

Have a blast...relax and enjoy!

...and we want a show and tell:)