Saturday, February 13, 2010

Africa is Awesome.

We have been very blessed to travel extensively in & around the UK, Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Australia, North America, Argentina etc & we love travelling still so many places to see.

But my best travelling is done in Africa, whether its locally in South Africa, or Swaziland, Nambia, Zimbawe, Lesotho, Botswana, Mozambique or futher afield Mauritius & Madagascar.
Africa is awesome, apart from the exquisite beauty and vast openess of the landscape vistas the PEOPLE of Africa are amazing.

We are in Mozambique, business done we are now in our cottage (shared by 17 familes) and I am always amazed by the people. They use anything, everything & carve out a living not an existance. They are happy & as their economy is starting to bloom so it shows. The government here is very big on schools, clinics etc & you can be in the middle of the bush and there will be a school and clinic. We have been coming here for 16 years & the changes are incredible - long may it last & I just hope that it blooms without becoming over commercialised. I walked to get fresh bread "pau" here - its baked in an open outside oven and is delicious......


Marcelle said...

I have to agree..nothing better than Africa and its warm and friendly people.

Jenny said...

Sounds just wonderful!