Thursday, January 28, 2010

30 th Anniversary & life

Wow its come & gone our 30th wedding anniversary & we had such a relaxed enjoyable day just Alan & I. We went for tea ( as I had craft that evening LOL) & we always discuss where we are going, what we have achieved & how we go forward. Its just such a tradition for us to talk about us and our life together - it gives us purpose & the way forward for the next year.

Thank you for all the wishes we received.

We have had a really trying time lately and its been back to basics for us, and we have been walking so close to God & all I can say is its really been a learning curve in faith, trust & leaning on God.


Marcelle said...

30 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You need a gold medal this is fantastic...I
Congratulations - you are so blessed.

Jenny said...

Glad you had a good time at the Oyster Box - did you get some photos?

Helen Tilbury said...

Congratulations Jenny! Sorry you have had a bad time of it lately ;-( Us all I think! We have our 20th coming up this year but 26 years together ;-D Love your tradition of talking things through each anniversary - would love to do that but my DH is a man of few words I just have to go with the flow & accept! We also went to the Grill Room recently for a business dinner - it was superb!

linda said...
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linda said...

Congratulations, well done