Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This week so far has been

This week so far has been testing ......... I am a control freak (I admit it freely) & running your own business while its exciting, hard work, rewarding it comes with no guarantees & that's very difficult for me.
We are blessed & I am grateful, we work hard & are rewarded, we try to do everything in the right manner & upfront. Sometimes things get taken out of your control - like a shipment being overdue which in our case is a catastrophe & its frustrating, nerve wracking & most of all really bad for business. So I am stressing inside but having faith in the Lord, baby steps & letting go - which for me is soooo difficult. I also need to support DH who stresses worse than I do but i suppose in all this there is a lesson to be learned.
Its at times like this that I feel very vulnerable & am susceptible.

More pleasantly I spent my Christmas gift money today on a new butterfly embossing & die cut for my cuttle bug - can't wait to try it out.
I do need to make a birthday card for my "baby" who turns 24 tomorrow - but I don't think he would appreciate butterflies - pity about that.


Marcelle said...

LOL..dont think he will like the butterflies...agree a pity!!

Jenny said...

I hope that shipment arrives soon. Go on - I dare you to make him a card with butterflies on it!

Jenny said...

And now that it's nearly wake up time for you: HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVEN!

Andrea said...

Love the new look - hang in there, this too will pass ~:0)

Helen Tilbury said...

Heehee...very well-written post Jenny ;-D So sorry to hear about your frustrating week...we have been going through it together believe me...I am hoping that it means that the rest of the year will go smoothly as I have had a year's worth of trouble in 3 weeks!