Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sleepless nights

Its 11.35pm & I can't DH is watching a rerun of Hunt for the Red October, I am not a movie person.
I was thinking of how much we are learning to spend together again on our own. After being a big family of 5 plus friends always.

We sit at the table for dinner.......set just for two.
We have coffee together after work at about 5ish & catch up on our day, no tv or noise on just us.
We have tea & coffee in bed every morning early while the day starts breaking & the birds wake up.
We swim early evening no noise & splashing & craziness just peace & quiet.
The best part of all this is we are so enjoying our quiet times at first it drove me crazy but now its great.
We still miss our children & enjoy their visits tremendously but its great to have our house to ourselves........


Jenny said...

I hope that you finally got a good night's sleep. Enjoy your quiet time together

Marcelle said...

Jenny thats fantastic...cant say the same in my home...feels like live our own separate lives. We don't even eat together, let alone drink coffee together. So who gives up for whom's rhythm is what I am asking..Its a question I am dealing with personally - I want to live at my beat not the beat of someone else and if our beats are not in sinc then what??

Lynette said...

I love DH and I are very similar...and we work together as well which is amazing.

Andrea said...

So lovely to be happy in your space - you give me hope for when my kids are all grown and gone one day. Thanks for sharing xxx