Monday, January 11, 2010

More layouts - hubby is away.

DH is on business & I am scrapping.
The kids decided to come over & bring me dinner - how great (cooked in my kitchen so theirs did not get messy LOl.) & I scrapped. They caught up on their tv programs (they don't have dstv !) It was a win win all the way round.
Excuse the reflections but I wanted my SIL to see I am finishing off the Senz lay outs even 6 months later.


Jenny said...

Jen - I love what you've done with them! You've really made them your own. Now you've put me to shame and I need to finish mine too ...... as well as the other hundred-and-plenty I have here!

I wish my kids would cook me dinner and leave me to scrap!

Jenny said...

I came back to read the journalling! Love it all and you have given me an idea for the Nic H l/o where you have used a photo of you and Al. I have one of Adrian and I on holiday and I'm going to do the same

Marcelle said...

So good that you have the time to get this done as its such a beautiful memory for your children in the future.
I need to sit and do mine. I used to be so good then got into blogging and that side stopped.

Andrea said...

Sounds like the perfect evening...well except for hubby being away :0) Well done on getting so many layouts finished.

Jenny said...

I love the new look!