Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sore feet

Well Mighty Men was awesome according to our men & what a blessing. Cath & I went to Shalom for the Sunday family service & that was "Incredible", to hear 400000 plus men singing & praising the Lord is wonderful.

Straight after that my DH had foot surgery or should I say feet surgery, both feet done at once, well he has been very brave since coming out of hospital but its tiring for me & I am not whinging just letting off steam at least he is allowed up to the loo now - a huge blessing for both of us. Still after seeing the specialist not allowed(another 10 days) to stand except for the loo & "bum breaks" as the doctor calls them just to get out of bed to allow yourself a break. He has not complained & I know he's been really sore & its very frustrating for him as he is not sick.

We need to do a business trip to the south coast this coming week & the doctor has given him permission to go as long as he relaxes & does not walk, well thats going to be fun !!!!

Its May the 1st !!! Can you believe this year ? I hope everyone has a great May day & enjoys their long weekend.


Jenny said...

I hope he is good and doesn't do too much walking and glad he is up and about a bit. He must be going mad, though - I couldn't do it

Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

Hi Jenny, Nice to meet you, we from Westville/Cowieshill area, but left 16 years ago. We now living in Sydney and plan to reire at Bellbrook. Pop over if you like and keep safe.