Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Busy busy

I have been busy in everything I do lately, not sure why I feel as if I am a hamster on a wheel & can't get off....... I am also back at school for the last two months which is also taking up a lot of my time even though I come & go as I please.
I have been chief cook, nurse & bottle washer 24 /7 - its more the fact that Alan is not sick but not mobile either that is the most frustrating for him and I. Alan has been incredibly good during all this & its as tiresome for him as me. The children also have been super they come & visit him & keep him company. Steven is driving him around today & Alan says to see the outside world is great. Hmmmm we do take an awful lot for granted.
Last night I escaped to craft & started a mosaic which was great fun, the company fantastic & just so nice to be away from home - all 3 hours of it.
The worst thing about being house bound is that we have watched quite a bit of tv, especially cooking programs that I have enjoyed but now am experimenting in the kitchen & Alan is my quinea pig..................we invited the children for dinner over the weekend & Steven said to Alan, "Dad is it safe food !!!!!!" LOL .....we all survived


Lynette said...

So sorry that I missed the post where you spoke about Alan's surgery. Trusting that he is healing well...will put both of you on our prayer list.

Andrea said...

Not an easy time, well done for keeping your lovely sense of humour...remember this is just a season and it too will pass.

Jenny said...

I don't know how you've odne it, to be honest. Glad he's at least getting out today (yesterday?)

Helen Tilbury said...

LOL! My kids also get worried if I have a cooking revival & veer off the tried & tested ;-D Sorry things have been so hectic for you. Glad you enjoyed your 3 hours of crafting bliss ;-D