Monday, May 31, 2010

10 days to go to the Fifa World Cup opens

I am not sure why but Durbanites have been gripped by soccer fever, we really do support our events, contrary to the common belief we are indifferent. Anyway as well as Football Fridays when we all(all businesses, schools etc) wear soccer shirts & jeans ( mostly the bright yellow Bafana bafana ones) the cars & houses are adorned with different countries flags its really fun. Our laundries are decorated with a few flags & vuvuzelas & our staff love football fridays.
I know nothing about soccer/football except that its good for the city to embrace their events & give it some support. I have only just discovered that you can only buy Fifa "stuff as in memorabilia etc" in the country holding the Fifa WC - so I have gone out to buy shirts for my big nephews in New Zealand & blister packs of pens etc for all the others as its a one time event for us & its fun.
Alan has got the all clear to walk around now for short bursts as the doctor put it & is loving being mobile - as are we !!! He went up to Joburg with Steven being his chaffeur & they had a good business session but his feet were very swollen & he was exhausted - LOL as was Steven ! Anyway he's on the mend although will not be driving for another 6 weeks.


Jenny said...

Glad Alan is on the mend. And the Fifa shirts sound good

Helen Tilbury said...

So sorry to hear Alan has been sick Jenny! Will have to read back for more info...Yup the soccer fever is something else hey?! Didn't realise Durbs had the indifferent label - definitely we seem to be excluded from a lot of events I've noticed so talk about the pot calling the kettle black??!!