Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Confession time

Yip I went & splurged on some scrap stash, after I have been doing so well on the "will not buy anything" until I need it. Well "need" is a very difficult word to determine LOL thats my version & I'm sticking to it.
So some lovely new papers (more than a few just because they are gorgeous colours .)
Some SA themed papers ready to be shipped to New zealand.
2 bottles of "glimmer mist " oh I love it - burnt orange & tanzanite blue.
Some of the local enmarc die cuts, hearts & words & frilly bits.
Pearls & bling, I just love that combination.
Ok I wasn't all that bad I did have a gift voucher left over from Christmas from hubby but it didn't quite stretch that far but you know what I am over the moon and its really going to be the last for a while ........till the need arises.


Bernadine said...

I can so identify with you regarding the need part.... I think if all us scrappers are honest with ourselves we are all guilty of it. My biggest worry when I see something I like is that when I really want it, it won't be available so I have to purchase it. :)

Helen Tilbury said...

Haha Jenny! Don't feel tooooooooo bad...if you've lasted up til now I think you've done veeeeeery well ;-D Please let me know where I can get the glimmer mists & how much. None available in the coastal shops here but DH works in Pinetown, maybe I can send him on a mission to get me some. I bought 6 online but am now well & truly addicted to the stuff...

Jenny said...

Oh I know that feeling; however, in my case I greed it (instead of I need it). I've been trying to catch you on Skype because a wonderful parcel arrived on MOnday - thank you sooo much xoxo