Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Project 12 jan l/out

Yes its late & I really battled with it, why because I thought I would be clever & finish a UFO & do the Jan l/o in one. Well lets just say using something half done is not easy or quicker.

My DH & DS (baby) are restoring Grandad Louis's old workbench. He died the year before we were married & my hubby has had this wooden monstrosity for ever but DS has become very interested in restoring - he did Grandad Louis's cupboard in Jan this year & so enjoyed doing it, I have to confess that at times I thought it would not be put back together but I was wrong.

I have good news that my BF Debbie is improving everyday & should be in remission by June of this year, we are still praying & thanking God for every improvement. Its been a lesson in patience & how not to indulge in self pity for me but Debbie has had faith and perserverence the whole time .


Lynette said...

Love all the journaling on these layouts.

Helen Tilbury said...

Great job Jenny! Liking the lots & lots of journaling - you should try the Journaling Junkie challenges ;-D

Jenny said...

I love your colour choices for your Januaray P12. Good to hear that they're working on Louis' workbench

Andrea said...

What wonderful news wrt Debbie, faith works wonders and it seems as if hers has never waivered.