Monday, March 1, 2010

1st of March 2010

Wow I really can't believe it, where is this year going.

We had such a nice weekend with Mark being home & all the family going fishing on saturday & sunday (no fish LOL) and just relaxing. It was very quiet when all the brood went to their various homes. Makes our house seem empty but it didn't take us long to enjoy it again. Spent a lot of time in the pool & Durban is very very hot at the moment, even if it rains it just pushes up the humidity level.

This morning DH had to go to Empangeni (a sleepy place about 2 1/2hrs up the north coast) I went along for the ride & its lovely the north coast, you have the ocean on one side & a sea of green sugar cane the other.

On a very positive note my financial year end is done, whew what a relief & welcome to the new financial year. Still have to do the two laundries but thats not too bad.


Helen Tilbury said...

I agree...this year is just flying! I'm in a panic that March has crept up on us so flippin' quickly!

Andrea said...

You certainly seem filled with the joys of spring, although officially I know it is the onset of Autumn in SA (lol) - glad things are going well, you sound really happy!

Jenny said...

Glad your year end is overand I agree that the year is flying by

Lynette said...

It will be another week before I can say my year end is complete...there is just so much still to do:)