Saturday, March 5, 2011

Update on life in Durban

Its hot & humid, really hot !!

Our friend with the emphysema is coping really well & surprising all of us, I am glad for her but still worried. Her youngest son is in the British Army & is going back to Afghanistan in April, he doesn't need this in life & we are trying hard to be totally unbiased - not easy believe me. Her hubby on the other hand is fretting & missing her terribly. It has made me realise that when we have someone whom we love - love them everyminute & tell them too.

Debbie is busy with chemo & its not good news, the blood tests are not good so now we wait. I must admit to sometimes forgetting God has the master plan & I do not. My DH calls me Mrs fix it !!!

On the other hand there is good news, my nephew & his ex wife are getting remarried at the end of March so we are so pleased & thankful. Thy have had an on off, divorced etc relationship & now its been ten years and they have decided to commit themselves.


Jenny said...

Anthony phoned and invited us to the wedding!

Andrea said...

Hang in are all in my thoughts xxx