Monday, March 21, 2011

Off to Joburg & the Cape

Well I so enjoyed sleeping in this morning as its a public holiday & we are packing for a business trip to Joburg & then off to the Cape via Bloemfontein. Its a long trip but DH & I stop & look, have coffee & cake breaks & just enjoy the time together. I am the one who books accomodation etc & plans the mileage etc & generally it runs smoothly - of course we have had a few surprizes along the way but we both have a sense of humour & adventure - helps a lot.
I am so blessed to be able to travel with DH & always remind myself of this when, he's in a meeting that tends to go on & on, he is busy packing leather etc. I always take my journal, camera & a book or two.
Bon voyage.


Jenny said...

Have fun and hope to catch up with you soon

Andrea said...

So nice to have this precious time together and even nicer that you have found yourselves in a situation where your are all grown and you and hubby actually still like each other enough to travel together....not always the case so you are an inspiration!