Friday, October 21, 2011

Busy busy busy

Linda, Cathie(Birthday girl) & Gwen !!!! Fun fun fun

Posing for the official photo - friends are precious.

This cake was made by a lovely friend Lianna who has only made two before !!!!!

This month has been hectic, the first of October was our church fete, hard work, good fun & it went so well with funds being raised.

The 08 of October we had a surprize birthday party for my sister's 60 th birthday in Joburg, we live in Durban & it was quite busy getting everything organised but it went off so well & though we were all tired travelling back to Durbs on the sunday - I would do it again in a heart beat. We had a garden party theme such fun & my DD did so much work with flowers & decor.

The 13 of October & I was winging my way to Cape Town for a Mothwa conference with 16 other Durbanites, it was fun & festive but hard hitting too as we had to make hard decisions about the Mothwa Havens we all help run & raise funds for. Sunday coming home our plane was delayed by an hour and a half - needless to say we were ready to come home.

This Thursday my DH left for Australia & New Zealand & boo hoo I am at home maintaining the status quo with the businesses.

So I for one am really glad its Friday, even though I am working this weekend, scrapping with friends in the afternoon & then its going to be shoes off & feet up LOL.


Jenny said...

Oh Cathie's cake looks fantastic and it looked like a great party. I'm sorry you are home pulling the whole ship, but I am looking forward to seeing my BIL next week!

Gill said...

The party looks great fun! And the cake, wow!

It seems like everyone is busy, busy, busy at the moment.... I couldn't wait for this weekend, and I plan on having LOTS of down-time to re-charge the batteries.

Lynette said...

Amazing cake and you ladies all look so smart. I know BUSY...I have had a hectic two weeks. Boo Hoo on not going with your DH to New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

Funny, my mother's name is also Jenny, and lives in Durban, so when I saw your blog's name I thought I must check it out! :)