Tuesday, November 1, 2011

01 November 2011

Can you believe it, its the first of November & I feel as if I am on a treadmill and just going nowhere.
Not that I have been unproductive, my DD had an idea to make Christmas bunting for her laundries to cheer them up over the festive season, it was a great idea until, I realised I was the one doing the sewing & then it was oh not such a good idea. Needless to say the weekend was spent cutting, sewing & finally we finished it tonight. Whew or so (sew) I thought, then it was her open day for her craft shop coming up so we needed some pretty pink bunting. Mmmmm I am thinking conspiracy here.
DH is winging is his way to Auckland today & has been so enjoying his family visit, I can't wait to see the photos.

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Jenny said...

Photos of the bunting please!