Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sad today just for a while.

Its the 2nd of Feb 2011 & I am sad ! My very good friend has another tumour & its not an option to operate at this stage - so its back to chemo followed by radiation & lots of prayers. The worst thing is she lives in Mauritius far away & today we were chatting but she really just needed a hug. Its hard & makes me sad.

My SIL has issues with her Dad & she lives in New Zealand - no hugs either or taking them a meal so she can visit with her folks or just being there. I find it hard on me & more so on them. I so believe family lives are meant to be intertwined.

I guess sometimes there is time for quiet sadness but I don't deal with it very well, so I think getting it down & out there is my way of just trying to deal with it.

These roses make me smile and remember that even something so beautiful still has thorns & life isn't always sunshine & flowers.


Jenny said...

Thanks Jen - I could do with a hug from you. Now that dad is home, he is much better though. Hospital is not Good for him.

Andrea said...

What a very real post, thank you for sharing those moments and thoughts with us...hang in there, are prayers are with your friend xxx